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Alison Ettridge, CEO of Cardiff-based tech scale-up, Talent Intuition is one of 40 female entrepreneurs to be awarded a cash injection by Innovate UK of £50,000 to bring an innovative idea to market. The award, announced to coincide with International Women’s Day, will be used to improve female representation in engineering roles though accelerating the development of the firm’s Stratigens platform.

Engineering is a cornerstone of the UK economy, accounting for £1.2 trillion of revenue per year but a talent shortage, exacerbated by an ageing workforce poses a future talent risk. The Women in Innovation project announced today will use data on skills, location and diversity to help companies understand the flow of talent into engineering from education into early careers and career paths for engineering talent.

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Innovate UK launched the Women in Innovation programme in 2016, after research revealed that just 1 in 7 applications for Innovate UK support came from women. Boosting the number of female entrepreneurs could deliver £180 billion to the economy. This programme seeks to find women with exciting, innovative ideas and ambitious plans that will inspire others.

Award winner and Talent Intuition CEO, Alison Ettridge added:

“Not only will this award enable us to accelerate ambitious plans for our business, but it will also in turn help other organisations to attract and develop more diverse talent. As one of the founders to have been selected, I am privileged to be in such a strong company and it’s my hope that our collective effort will inspire other female innovators.”

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Announcing the awards at an online event today to mark International Women’s day, Science Minister Amanda Solloway said:

“Today we are supporting 40 of our most trailblazing female entrepreneurs, helping them to turn their innovative ideas and aspirations into a reality, creating the products and services that will help improve our lives and boost our economy.”

The project will begin this month and Talent Intuition is looking for large organisations that hire engineering skills to contribute to this project through using its Stratigens platform. The overall goal for the Women in Innovation award is that within two years of this project, 100 global companies will change who and how they hire because of the outcomes from this work.

By Lisa Baker

Source: News from Wales

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