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Rail sector

R&D Claims for the Rail Sector

We have a number of clients that qualify for R&D credit working in all aspects of the rail industry. The development of infrastructure, train maintenance equipment and the trains themselves is hugely important to the future of rail, meaning research and development work is a crucial part of the sector, especially when it comes to improving performance.

In recent years, a significant amount of research has indicated that there are issues with investment throughout the rail industry, which has let to R&D being undertaken. Helping to optimise efficiency, quality and future opportunities for the rail industry, R&D is more important than ever before.

What costs qualify for R&D Relief in the Rail sector?

You can claim for a whole host of R&D activities, including the following:

Carriage heating and air conditioning units for over and underground trains

Heating and cooling units are a common sight on many trains up and down the country, and when it comes to installing high performance heating and cooling systems, it’s important that they are developed and built with the appropriate carriage temperature. Heating and air conditioning units are constantly evolving and there’s always room for improvement when it comes to optimising these systems.

New generation of switches and crossings

As technology continues to advance at an unprecedented rate, there’s a constant demand for a new generation of railway switches and crossings, which has paved the way for countless new innovations that can enhance all areas of the track.

Innovation to reduce the number of points failures

Despite many rail companies being fully in tune with the latest technology, it’s not uncommon for failures to occur from time to time, causing delays and countless other issues. With this in mind, innovation solutions are being constantly explored in order to reduce the number of points failures.

Maintenance apparatus

There’s always a need for maintenance apparatus on our railways, especially when it comes to optimising efficiency and making every-day processes such as lifting and transferring heavy trains a whole lot easier.

Swift replacement of fixtures

Maintenance equipment is an integral component of any day to day rail operations task and R&D development is crucial when it comes to finding solutions for maintenance tasks that can have an impact on day to day operations.


Almost every part of our everyday lives is now online in some shape or form. And, new software plays a huge role in the rail industry when it comes to improving the training given to train drivers in virtual environments.

Please note: In any R&D project, it is quite common for an R&D team to consist of a number of individuals from different parts of the business, all of which can be included in the R&D claim.

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